Southeastern U.S.


Closaway Farms owns and operates approximately 4,000 acres and several hunting locations in Georgia’s Macon and Terrell Counties. Hunting opportunities in these locations include whitetail deer, feral hogs, quail, and duck. Clients can also fish for trophy bass.

Hunting is free chase in accordance with federal and state game laws. We practice catch and release on our impounds, but clients are welcome to take pictures of their trophies for taxidermy use.

To book your hunting trip, call us at 478-808-6569


Our Georgia hunts are priced per-day, with quail hunting priced per half-day. In accordance with federal and state regulations, bag limits vary per species. Your price includes hunting and lodging.

Quail, deer, and hog hunts are priced based on seasonality and availability. Whitetail deer rates are based on a minimum Boone & Crockett (B&C) score of 130 inches. Trophy fees apply for deer greater than 130 inches.

For specific pricing information, please contact us at 478-808-6569.

Closaway offers a limited number of bookings each season in order to ensure the quality of your hunting experience. We strictly and carefully manage species numbers so you can hunt more superior specimens than you would at typical commercial operations.


Lodging in the Southeastern U.S. is cabin-style, with a maximum of four people per trip. Cabins feature a full kitchen and a grill for cooking. Restaurants and other shopping opportunities are a close drive from each location should you wish to eat in town or purchase supplies.

Clients are responsible for transportation, clothing, firearms, ammunition, food, and drink. All of our locations in the Southeast are easily accessible from the airports in Atlanta, Georgia and Tallahassee, Florida.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will you cape my trophy whitetail?

Yes, if needed we can cape your trophy whitetail deer. Clients are responsible for shipping or transporting their trophy to a taxidermist. Clients wishing to ship to foreign countries should make prior arrangements with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and the import authority at the receiving country.

What is the weather like?

Weather in the Southeast can vary by up to 30 degrees daily. Bring appropriate clothing for the season, and we encourage that clients dress in layers and bring rain gear. If you forget anything, you can purchase clothing or supplies at sporting goods stores located nearby.

What kind of gun should I use?

You may use the rifle caliber of your choice for both whitetail and hogs. Most whitetail and hog ranges will be inside of 200 yards. We prefer that clients don’t use .243, as this caliber often wounds the deer. For hogs, .308 is an ideal round. For the sake of our dogs’ hearing, we ask clients not to use 12 gauges for quail. Any lesser gauge is fine.

Can I bring my dog?

Yes, you may bring your dog for companion purposes. For safety and liability reasons, we ask clients not use to their own dogs while hunting.

Will I be able to charge my cell phone or other devices?

Yes, all cabins have electrical outlets.