Closaway offers four-day hunting trips to San Jose, Uruguay, which is about two hours from Uruguay’s capital. The bird hunting at San Jose is excellent, and clients have the opportunity to hunt dove, duck, perdiz, and pigeon. Duck species alone include:

  • Brazilian teal
  • Ring teal
  • Specked teal
  • Brown pintail
  • White face tree duck
  • Yellow billed pintail
  • Rosy billed pochard

To learn more, view our information booklet or

call us at 478-808-6569


The lodges at San Jose house up to eight people each and feature several amenities:

  • Living and dining rooms
  • Front porches and fire pits
  • Ample bathrooms
  • Fireplaces
  • Full-size beds with premium foam pillows
  • Wi-Fi
  • DirecTV

All hunting details are attended by our staff, and we maintain a one-to-one staff-to-client ratio. Our staff processes your harvested game, so all you need to do is show up ready to hunt. Uruguay offers generous bag limits; however, weather and migration patterns can affect species populations. We impose a four-box limit on ducks.

Your stay is all-inclusive at an extremely discounted price, quoted upon request, and includes:

  • Airport transfers
  • Lodging
  • Daily laundry & maid service
  • Meals, beer, & wine
  • Guide services
  • Transportation
  • Shotgun rental
  • Wi-Fi & DirecTV
  • Four boxes of shells for ducks and two boxes of shells for perdiz. Dove hunts include one flat of shells per day with no carryover. Additional boxes of shells can be purchased for perdiz and dove at the rate of $15 per box, subject to price increases imposed on our supplier.


Clients are responsible for airfare to and from Uruguay, additional shells beyond the daily allotment, and tipping, which is strictly voluntary. Dogs are welcome, but we recommend that you bring only retrievers, as other dogs will have a difficult time learning to hunt perdiz.


Air Travel

Clients are responsible for airfare to and from Uruguay, additional shells beyond the daily allotment, and tipping, which is strictly voluntary. At this time, American Airlines is the only international airline that flies into Uruguay’s capital, Montevideo. Other flights fly into Buenos Aries, Argentina and require a connecting flight into Montevideo. As our rate is substantially discounted, we do not provide liquor. Clients are welcome to purchase liquor for their trip at the Miami Duty Free and bring the same into Uruguay. Dogs are welcome, but we recommend that you bring only retrievers, as other dogs will have a difficult time learning to hunt perdiz.

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I just wanted to take a moment to thank you, and your team for an absolutely fantastic experience at the San Jose Estancia in Uruguay. Before I talk about the fantastic hunting, I wanted to compliment you on assembling an exceptional staff. The guides, chef and lodge staff, made sure that every detail of our visit one to remember. The Hunting... To say it was fantastic, may very well be an understatement. From the morning hunts for ducks and perdiz to the afternoon dove hunts, each and every one far exceeded my expectations. I have hunted all over the United States and have been on safari in Africa, but my trip to hunt with you in Uruguay, was by far my best yet.

D. Kirkland

I was absolutely blown away with Closaway’s San Jose lodge. This beautiful country and the bird hunting is unlike anything I’ve ever seen or heard of. Accommodations were top-notch, and the food was phenomenal. I can’t get enough and keep coming back every year.

B. Hartley

Closaway has outdone itself. Every detail has been accounted for, and this was one of the best experiences of my life. You can literally walk out the front door and start hunting. I’ve never hunted in a place where I knew each hunt was going to be the best I’ve ever had. I highly recommend San Jose.

M. Wilson

I never thought I would actually experience this trip of a lifetime. As a Southerner, I thought I had experienced the world’s best hospitality, but I found out otherwise! Closaway runs a world-class outfit, and I can still smell the gunpowder!

Thanks for a great trip, and I hope to return again soon.

T. Rojas

I’ve had the opportunity to hunt in some exclusive places around the U.S. But I had no idea that an experience like this was possible. I got to hunt multiple species at my own pace, and I’ve never seen so many ducks! The wine and food was incredible, as were the Cuban cigars we smoked around the fire pit at night.

You are a fortunate soul if you can experience this at least one time.

M. Allen

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to bring my gun?

You are welcome to bring your own gun(s). The price of your stay includes modern Beretta semi-automatics and over/unders. If you prefer to bring your own gun(s), you will need to register it with U.S. Customs and we will need to collect information on your gun(s) in order to obtain a permit from the Uruguayan government. At this time, Uruguay levies a fee of 200 USD for each gun you bring in the country, and they will be checked upon arrival and departure. You will also need to observe the requirements of the airline.

Why do you only provide 20 gauge shells?

Uruguay must import shells from the U.S. and pay a 100% import duty. As such, shells are very expensive by U.S. standards. Lead shot is legal in Uruguay, and 20 gauge lead is both ample and deadly for ducks, dove, perdiz, and pigeon. We typically use #5 for duck and #7 ½ for everything else. 12 gauge would be overkill, and 28 would be fun, but too expensive. It is illegal for clients to bring their own ammunition from the U.S.

Should I have any concern for my safety and security while in Uruguay?

Uruguay is arguably the safest Latin American country, and the lodge is remote enough that you shouldn’t have a problem with the safety of your personal belongings.

Do I need to bring money or exchange for pesos?

It is not necessary for you to have pesos during your stay. Our discounted fee is all inclusive with the exception of additional shells or tips, for which you may want to bring cash.

Will my cellphone work in Uruguay?

You will need to make arrangements for a temporary international plan with your service provider before leaving.  We provide converters for your U.S. appliances.

Can I export my ducks to the U.S.?

Uruguay and the U.S. allow for export and import of ducks. Based on U.S. requirements, only the duck skin with at least one wing attached may be imported. As there are no bag limits, you can import as many ducks as you like. You will need to make prior arrangements with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service at the airport where you will arrive upon your return.

You will have to leave your ducks with the customs agent and make arrangements for them to be shipped to your taxidermy specialist. You will need to complete paperwork with the Fish and Wildlife Service in advance of your trip. Uruguay also requires paperwork, and we ask that you give us at least 30 days’ notice of your intention to export. Any fees levied will be the responsibility of the client.

What if I require medical attention?

The lodge is located in a very rural area with limited services nearby. We can attend to minor medical issues, but major medical attention would require transport to Montevideo, about two hours away. Montevideo has excellent medical facilities and personnel.